Jan 9, 2021 | News

Driving in the EU - Important Notice

Since our exit from the EU on 1st January we would remind all our clients to make sure that they have the correct travel documentation if they are planning to travel by road, sea or air to the EU in the next few months.

With regard to taking a motor vehicle to Europe, the current situation is that all drivers are required to carry a Green Card and so please contact us if we arrange your motor insurance so that we can obtain one for you from your insurer. The UK/EU trade deal does include a provision for the UK to remain a member of the Green Card free circulation zone and it is hoped that the UK’s continued membership will be ratified in the coming months. However, until such time as this is confirmed it is necessary for any UK policy holder to be in possession of a Green Card when driving in the EU.

For further information regarding travel to and within the EU please click on the attached link https://www.gov.uk/visit-europe-1-january-2021

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