Farm & Estate

We are expert at insuring farms and estates of all sizes with a wide range of commercial assets and activities. We look to build long term relationships with owners and their agents by taking the time to fully understand their requirements.

We have the years of valuable experience and deep rooted farming knowledge which enables us to add value over and above the insurance small print and to play our part in ensuring that our clients have the relevant cover and their affairs are managed efficiently.

We have an excellent range of insurers available to us which provide high quality and competitive polices. As another option we have our own Weatherbys Hamilton Farm & Estate Policy, exclusively underwritten for us by Aviva, the UK's leading insurer. Where this policy is the most suitable for our clients' needs, we can combine both the underwriting and the servicing of our clients within our own offices, bringing greater efficiencies and quicker decision making. From our significant experience in the farming and estate management sector, we already have a specialist understanding of its insurance requirements and we can now make the policies more bespoke than ever.

Farm & Estate Insurance
  • Sir Harry Cotterell
  • Bt OBE
  • Estate owner

"I recently moved all my insurances to Weatherbys Hamilton where they are looked after by one of the partners. Not only have I achieved a very satisfactory premium saving but I have great confidence that Weatherbys Hamilton completely understand my business and are able to react quickly and efficiently to anything that I need. With all the usual diversity of a mixed estate, it is crucial to me to be able to relate to my insurance broker and to know that they are totally on their game. I have no doubts at all on that score and that they should be considered by any estate owner when reviewing their insurances."