Employers' and public liability insurance is obviously essential for any commercial enterprise. There are additional exposures when the public are given access for house and garden openings or to wedding and concert venues.

It is obviously critical that all activities be correctly covered. Estates that sell produce or artefacts to the public will need Product Liability, and Environmental Liability for landowners is cover that is crucial, readily available but often overlooked.

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"As a farmer and rural food processor, I had slowly grown increasingly disenchanted with my previous well-known, national insurer who I felt had become far less personal in their approach. I missed the personal service of being able to pick up the phone and sort out day-to-day insurance issues. In nearly 50 years, this is the first time we have moved insurers. I was confident to make that move to Weatherbys Hamilton."
  • Will Hawking, Marshfield Farm Ice Cream
  • Wiltshire