Sep 11, 2019 | News

Protecting yourself from fraudulent attacks

Our partners at Weatherbys Private Bank recently hosted a breakfast meeting for clients to hear from the experts at Schillings about how to avoid becoming yet another national fraud statistic.

Top tips to prevent fraud include:

  1. Passwords should be complex, using three random words changed regularly, especially when employees leave. Extra care should be taken for bank and email accounts.
  2. Anti-virus software should be installed on all devices and software should be kept up to date as soon as the developers make updates available.
  3. Don't open any attachments you are not expecting.
  4. Keep confidential data out of sight. Everyone has a smartphone camera today that can quickly capture private information in passing.
  5. Shred any confidential documents after use.
  6. Beware of phishing scams. Unlike common spam, a phishing email is after personal details and disguised to look like a real email. Key things to look out for include;
    1. The sender's email address won't look right: hover over the sender's name to reveal the real email address.
    2. The grammar and English may be poor.
    3. They may want you to click on a link or open a file.
    4. They often create a false sense of urgency.
  7. Delete any emails that are suspicious or call the sender directly.
  8. Don't access your bank or personal information using free Wi-Fi as this is not secure.

Watch the full video of the event below to find out more.

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