Broodmares, Stallions, Foals and Yearlings

Broodmares, Stallions,
Foals and Yearlings

Weatherbys is the owner of The General Stud Book and Weatherbys Hamilton matches its expertise in the insurance of broodmares, stallions, foals and yearlings. We insure many of the leading broodmare bands, as well as some of the most significant stallions standing at stud against death, sub-fertility or disability.

Multi-million pound valuations are not uncommon and it is critical to have faith in your insurance policy if the worst happens.

A successful stallion may cover 200 mares or so in the northern hemisphere season and then shuttle for another season in the southern hemisphere for the second half of the year. A broodmare may be carrying a sibling to a yearling that has just fetched £1 million at Tattersalls. Valuable assets such as these need to be insured with a broker who really understands the risks.

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"I use Weatherbys Hamilton for Hascombe & Valiant Stud's insurance requirements and I am happy with all that they do for me. Beth Sharkey and Alec Moore are efficient and are always on hand to help. The last few years have been exciting for the stud and the exploits of Golden Horn and Cracksman have given my family and me great pleasure."
  • Anthony Oppenheimer, Stud owner