Fine Art

Fine Art is a generic term that normally includes your most valuable contents, not only art collections but also antique furniture, porcelain, clocks, silver and objets d'art of every description.

Many insurance policies will limit the amount that they will pay on an item unless such item is specified separately from the General Contents sum insured. The premium is also normally lower if you do, and we can put you in touch with a wide range of experts and valuers to provide advice and valuations if you need them.

"To get home to find water not only pouring through the ceiling from an upstairs radiator but making its way down onto the electrical switchgear is not conducive to a restful evening. Despite the hour I was able to get hold of Charles Hamilton there and then, who gave immediate, reassuring and practical advice and we had confidence in all the emergency steps that evening. With Weatherbys Hamilton's help we had the insurer's agreement to start restoration of the electrics and everything else the next day and a really stressful incident for my wife and me was resolved with the minimum of fuss."

South West London client,

November 2018

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